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Character Brief

Name: Pumpkin Spice
Nickname: The Gravedigger
Classification: Undead
Origination: Piedmont, 1811 AD
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180lbs
Fear: Willowhawk
Last Sited: Greenville, SC

Backstory & Cameos

The Crone Willowhawk was a powerful witch of the woods whereon MADWORLD now sits, her coven as wicked and fierce as she. One day Willohawk’s heart was stolen by a gravekeeper who spent his days digging holes for those deceased. As they grew closer, so did her jealous nature grow stronger. But then came along a lady named Helga. Helga saw the beauty of the gravekeeper and was quick to steal him away.

Betrayed and heartbroken, Willowhawk sought to seal the wound he left, not with tears, but with blood and fear. She found her former lover digging graves as he did all day, and knew that she would instill the fear in him forever. She ripped the shovel from his grasp and bashed his head in. Before he could shout he fell straight into the grave he was digging, and in his wake she threw in three seeds of a pumpkin. As she piled dirt upon him, she watered each scoop with spits of spite and tears of malice. Three days past and she awaited her wicked curse to manifest. By midnight her Accursed Guard rose up, and she commanded upon him his first order:

“Rip the eyes from anyone who gazes upon my woods. Take from them their life, and with their earthly flesh feed the soil. So I will it, so mote it be”.

Sightings & Sketches

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    Pumpkin SpiceDon't blame the guy with the pumpkin head for attempting to rip out your eyes... it's not his fault he fell in love with Helga. Orange you glad you don't have this guy's relationship problems?