An All New 2018 Experience

Madworld's crews have been working tirelessly since November of 2017 to design, build and bring you a brand new experience for the 2018 haunted houses season.

For 2018, Madworld has created its scariest and most expansive haunt experience to date! With one of the most technical and immersive sets in the US, Madworld is proud to announce even more scenes, more actors, and more SCARES. This is Madworld's biggest and best haunt yet! Venture through The Asylum, The Diner, The Vortex Tunnel, The Voodoo experience, The Clown House, The Prison, The Ring, The Zombie Area, and SO much more! Over a half mile of pure self-guided terror! You won't find this many scenes, scares, and attractions all put into ONE! Get ready for the most exciting and scary Halloween event of the season!

2018's Schedule

Madworld's newest and most daring Halloween attraction ever.

"Intense & Psychologically Paralyzing"

Everyone fears what lurks beneath the shadows. We cringe at the thought of what lurks in the dark when the light's go out. Step into multiple levels of fear that will have you and your comrads screaming in terror! Experience the best haunted houses Greenville SC has to offer with Hotel Hell, Pinehurst Asylum, and so much more in this indoor/outdoor haunted attraction, only at MADWORLD!

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"One Of The Top Ten Scariest Haunted Houses In America"

"The Most Frightening Haunted Attraction In South Carolina"

Scare Factor ranks Madworld Haunted Attractions a 5 out of 5
News Channel 7 ranks Madworld Haunted Attractions a 5 out of 5
WYFF 4 ranks Madworld Haunted Attractions a 5 out of 5
Fox Your Carolina ranks Madworld Haunted Attractions a 5 out of 5
HauntsMadworld's haunted houses are not only the scariest haunted houses in Greenville, SC, they're nationally recognized as one of the scariest haunted houses in America!