Pricing Guide

You can purchase tickets when you arrive at Madworld Haunted Attractions, or you can skip the lines and purchase tickets below.

    Carnival Games & Escape Rooms

    Details: Welcome to a brand new area of Madworld's scary Fall entertainment! Whether you are a kid, teenager, or big kid at heart - you will have a BLAST at these scary interactive games! Our escape rooms are 5 minutes each. These are state-of-the-art escape rooms. These challenges will have you and your group laughing, panicking, and working together to try and get out in time without having to waste your evening in one spot! 3 Tickets each for Zombie Brain Smash, Skeleball, Crypt Toss, Face Painting. 15 Tickets to experience our escape rooms – Kracken Casino and 3D Freakshow.

  • $15.00 - 15 Tickets
  • $25.00 - 30 Tickets
  • $40.00 - 50 Tickets
TicketsMadworld now offers fall events for the entire family. Choose your thrill factor. And remember, you can save time and skip the line with Fast Pass tickets!