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Character Brief

Name: Krampus
Nickname: The Christmas Devil
Classification: Demon
Origination: Norway, 1773 AD
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 250lbs
Fear: Kris Kringle
Last Sited: Greenville, SC

Backstory & Cameos

Madworld’s very own Henry Howards and Jameson O’Braonin invited Krampus to stay in the hotel until Christmas came and went free of charge. Now you will find him roaming about the grounds sniffing out every bad boy and girl that pays the ticket to get in. Beware. He also sees you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake.

Instead of giving you coal, he will kidnap and beat you with the same old bundle of birch he’s been using since long, long ago. As Santa is known to give and reward, Krampus is known to take and punish. Keep this in mind when you hear those bells jingle. Krampus is about to find out every single naughty thing you’ve done.

Sightings & Sketches

Submit a photo of you and Krampus for a chance to win free tickets and swag! Like to sketch, paint or draw? Submit original Krampus artwork for a chance to win season passes!

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    KrampusWinter solstice or not, this anthropomorphic half-goat horned demon lives up to his name by punishing the young and old who misbehave.