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Character Brief

Name: Pestilence
Nickname: The Horseman Incarnate
Classification: Undead
Origination: Italy, 143 AD
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 220lbs
Fear: Fire
Last Sited: Greenville, SC

Backstory & Cameos

The Horseman is every cough, every pus filled boil and every infection. When all else fails to kill you, he is waiting. A sickly promise. His horse is a simple breath, and all those in it’s wake shutter. The weak and poor know him by name, and the rich fear him more than the wrath of gods. No favor of tiding will save you from him. His eyes rot flesh. His whisper is a plague. He is the epidemic that reaches through doors. In places thick with death, vomit and flies, you will find him kicking through the mire. He is eager to collect and willing to infect – to cull every soul. He is sickness. He is affliction. He is the Horseman incarnate. He is Pestilence.

Sightings & Sketches

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    PestilencePestilence never used to look like rot and decay, but bad things happen when you make a deal with the Devil. Sure you may live forever, but at what cost?