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Character Brief

Name: MegaKill
Nickname: The Cult Sacrifice
Classification: Zombie
Origination: Simpsonville, 1960 AD
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175lbs
Fear: The Formation Ritual
Last Sited: Greenville, SC

Backstory & Cameos

Deep in the backwoods, a cult formed long ago, worshipping a figure of contempt and malice, a demon in every right. The leader of this cult was a man very well into the late stages of his life, and had not much longer before he would cease to draw breath. As part of the cult’s ultimate ritual, the leader’s body would be used as the demon’s vessel after death, and finally their idol would walk the earth. Though the leader was only days from his demise, his followers grew impatient. Whilst he slumbered in the high chambers of their temple, his most trusted underling drove as many lead pipes, metal rods, and any other unconventional sharp weapon that could be found into the leader’s body.

Two generations past within the cult, keeping the body as their idol of pain and suffering. For 94 years this practice succeeded, and finally, the Embodiment was upon them. The ritual itself lasted three hours. The slaughter which came after, much less. What was once a frail body was now covered in thick leathery muscle, the teeth grit into a constant, agonizing grin. The cultists praised every rip and tear he made of them until none stood left to scream their joyful agony. Once what was left of the last cultist fell, MegaKill found two artifacts waiting for him in their makeshift temple.

A spiked crown, and a hammer wrapped in chains.

Sightings & Sketches

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    MegaKillRituals, blood sacrifices, demon embodiment - Megakill is an evil and unnatural creation responsible for the deaths of an entire cult. Still roaming, the demon no longer kills because he's commanded to, he kills because he wants to.