MADWORLD is taking SIGNIFICANT steps this season to continue its ongoing work of staying safe and healthy.

MADWORLD is an outdoor attraction, and this has always given our customers liberty to spread out as they please. For the areas where scaring takes place in rooms, there will be proper ventilation for you and your group. If you’re concerned about contracting any sicknesses such as colds, flus, or Covid-19, but still would like to come enjoy MADWORLD, please read the below.

Here are a few things to understand:
  1. Capacity can be reduced/managed to allow for appropriate social distancing.
  2. Exposure time is limited. Guests generally move throughout their experience, much like in an inter-city district or zone. The guests are not sitting in a single location, elbow-to-elbow, for an extended period.
  3. A large percentage of attraction attendance is made up of family members and others who live in the same home and thus do not need to be physically distanced from each other.

We’ve always put safety and health as a top priority for our customers and staff, and we will continue ensuring everyone has a scary, fun, entertaining and SAFE time.Joseph Thompson, Owner

New Procedures and Policies:
  • We will be screening all staff and actors temperature each day.
  • We will have hand sanitizing stations located all throughout the grounds/park.
  • We will be encouraging social distancing with signage and audible reminders (this is for groups to stay distanced and not individuals).
  • Masks are optional at Madworld. However, we do recommend them while standing in certain parts of the queue lines where social distancing can sometimes be difficult.
  • All surfaces and potential touch points will be disinfected frequently throughout the night.
  • We will be disinfectant fogging any rooms/areas each night.

We understand many people feel differently about Covid. And we want to be able to appease and oblige everyone that wants to enjoy our great attraction. We believe in upholding the United States Constitution, and as a thriving American business, will keep that paramount above all by working to keep each person safe via these practical precautions. However ultimately, it is your responsibility to look after yourself and take the proper measures that you as an individual want to take, by choosing whether or not to wear a mask, gloves, or deciding whether or not to come.

As we have always said, we do not recommend this attraction to you if you have asthma, heart conditions, are pregnant, or are in general poor health. In addition, we also do not recommend this attraction to to you if you are elderly, susceptible to illnesses, have underlying health conditions, or show any symptoms whatsoever of sickness.

Thank you for continuing to keep MADWORLD safe and one of America’s top haunted attractions!

Scary SafeCovid-19 Policies